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Petroleum jellies and white oils

High quality, versatile and well proven

PARAFLUID petroleum jellies

Petroleum jellies are ointment-like, homogeneous mixtures of hydrogenated, fully saturated hydrocarbons obtained from petrolatum. PARAFLUID petroleum jellies are of the highest purity and consistently high quality, especially in terms of their consistency and their possibilities for further processing.

  • They are virtually odourless and tasteless.
  • Their colour varies depending on the application requirements and the degree of refining and can range from snow white to slightly yellow

PARAFLUID white oils

White oils are colourless, viscous liquids consisting of twice-hydrogenated, fully saturated hydrocarbons.

  • They are transparent, colourless and crystal-clear.
  • They have no odour and no taste.
  • They are free of additives and do not fluoresce.

PARAFLUID white oils are characterised by a consistently high quality. They are also extremely colour-fast and resistant to oxidation.