techn.formulierungen a

Petroleum jellies and white oils
for technical formulations

Efficient basis for technical formulations and processes

The technical version of our products are highly refined. They offer high colour stability, good resistance to ageing and a low proportion of aromatic hydrocarbons.
PARAFLUID base materials are the foundation for industrial formulations of many well-known manufacturers.

For example, our products are used to produce:

  • Plasticisers used in rubber and plastics
  • Carrier oils for rust protection, wood preservatives and furniture polishes
  • Maintenance and lubrication in precision engineering
  • Leather and textile processing
  • Production aids for printing inks
  • Dust binders
  • Defoaming agents
  • Surface finishing
  • Release agents
  • Impregnating oils
  • Punching oils
  • Lubricants